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Hung like a poodle. A man with a tiny penis.
Hey Van Millimeter, water's cold today, ey buddy?

Tina said Dave's got a serious Van Millimeter crank. He was banging her for a half-hour before she even noticed.

by Rick aka Flames November 29, 2007
Fellatio. A blow-job.
Cindy is such a dumb whore, but she sure can give pottery.

Yo, Cedric, did you get pottery in the stall again?
by Rick aka Flames November 29, 2007
Sodomy, especially to a man. To engage in a homosexual act.
OMG, those couple of homos are going to blast in the urinals.

This is a no-blasting zone, you homo; get the fuck out.

That guy from the IRS called again for you.
Ah, fuck him, he's a blaster.
by Rick aka Flames November 29, 2007
Cheap. Jewish. Will do anything for money. Someone who wouldn't lend you a dime if you begged for it.
William is so always. I once saw him stealing pennies from the wishing well at the Mall.

Come on, $5 a cover, you always bastard.
by Rick aka Flames November 29, 2007

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