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The government's fantastic 9/11 conspiracy theory.
What's da lates' on da nantazzle, Dawg?
by Rick Wilson January 19, 2005
A man given to sexual weakness, such as the seducing of women far younger and less established than himself, as Did President Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky. wack daddy
Doe, you nuttin butta wack daddy clitton.
by Rick Wilson September 13, 2003
Vagina. So named for the shape of the lines and junction of the pubes and the thighs.
Come here and gimme some Y, baby.
by Rick Wilson February 17, 2005
1. n.-One who or that which has smegma up their/its ass; punkass ; dubya ; punk ; skeez

2. adj.-Of or like a punk; having smegma up one's or its ass; in serious need of an ass-whoopin,' just for being a bitchass skeeza wannabe prez, dubya bush (and that ain' a name, that's a descriptive adjective).
1. That prez--that is, that skeez--in the Whitey House, he a punkass, bitchass smegmass.

2. Go on an' tell me what time it is, smegmass mutha fucka.

by Rick Wilson September 30, 2003
n.-Whore; skeez skeeza skeeba skeezer
from Mush Mouth's corruption of "skeeza"
...theoretically, through
an infinitely repeating series of a Mush Mouth corruption ("skeezba," "skeebuzbubba," etc.) the much-feared nanotechnological Grey Goo might be realized
I'mba goinba getba meba someba skeezba, Fellba-buz.
by Rick Wilson October 01, 2003
A man given to sexual weakness, such as in seducing a woman far younger or less established than himself. clitton
Dog, you nuttin butta wack daddy clitton.
by Rick Wilson September 13, 2003
Anti-Fatherland Security expression, for "Nunio Bidnis" (none of your business) used to answer one's interrogator, write on an application, etc.
You ask my name; it's "Nunio;" "Nunio Bidnis."
by Rick Wilson September 22, 2003

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