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A slut who sucks dick behind a dumpster, films it and sends it to her Aunt Tilly in Minnesota as a get well gift.
That chick is a dumpster slut! Her video beat Paris Hilton's.
by Rick Von Shit September 05, 2008
Ali is a type of male prostitute from Iran. These specific types of prostitutes do not sleep with humans. Instead they fist camels in the middle of the Dasht-e-Kavir desert for the entertainment of homosexual midget nomads who feast on small children. Rarely, but often does the Ali finish up his extravaganza by putting his head in the camels arse, does a 360 degree turn, lands back on his feet and sends fireworks off in the distance in the shapes of vagina's.
Wow! Did you see that Ali last night? He gets better every time!
by Rick Von Shit September 05, 2008

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