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3 definitions by Rick VH

slang: 1a) A person possessing an outstanding personality quality, social skill, physical appearance, or any exceptional ability or skill that makes them stand out.; 1b) To be the best at something; 1c) Skilled to the level of being as good as currency.
You're so money, and you dont even know it. (origin "Swingers" Miramax 1996)
by Rick VH May 27, 2003
1) A derivative of "Ho", generally a prostitute, hooker or a call girl.
2) An up to date synonym for bitch.
Went down and spit game at the hizzos in da club.
by Rick VH May 27, 2003
1) To possess an asset.
Slang: (owned) 1) One that has been worked, eliminated by someone more skilled.
Pete was owned in a paintball game by Bert due to greatly inferior ability.
by Rick VH May 27, 2003