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a very gory and violent movie, which causes stomach upset especially when it shows cannibalism, disembowelment, and any sort of graphic violence.
Anyway, 1979 film " Mountain of the Cannibal God " is kind of a throwaway in the world of cannibal gut-cruncher films.

2. Some have only heard it as the notorious gut-cruncher in the tradition of " Last House on the Left " and " I spit on your grave ".
by Rick Thurman February 01, 2011
a van used by narcotics police ( UK usage )
One time we saw a bloke run out of No.18 and into No.19. About five minutes later the police arrived with two monkey vans and four cars
Source: Bernardine Evaristo's " Hello Mum "
Penguin books, 2010 ( Page 25 )
by Rick Thurman April 15, 2011
a very gory films about cannibals or zombies.( Term used figuratively to depict what the film shows, specifically disembowelment and cannibalism )
" Directed by the notorious Bruno Mattei, this '80s Italian gut-muncher is infamous for its eye-popping gore, jaw-dropping dialogue and heart-stopping use of inappropriate stock footage "
( Source: Amazon's DVD: Plotline and critics of " Hell of the Living Dead "
by Rick Thurman February 01, 2011

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