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waffle butt is what female prison guards get after pressing their ass up against the chain link fence in order for detainees/prisoners to fuck them from behind. after being perched/pressed up against there long enough the chain link fence leaves and impression similar to a waffle on the buttocks. this usually takes place in terrorists prison camps i.e. Iraq or Guantanamo bay.
-"Lance corporal suzy Q. had a really bad case of waffle butt when i relieved her on the compund rover watch."
-Sarge-"Airforce Amy got flown of the TIF this morning."
-LCpl-"what did she do this time?"
-LCpl-"oh shit! was it Jackson or Pruitt?"
-Sarge-"nope, Mustafah...evidentally she was giving up the waffle butt while she was on shift!"
by Rick Rolle June 28, 2011
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