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Made populare by Dave Chappelle in the Prince skit on the Chappelle show. used to discribe the gathering of your friends in a single area.
Prince: "I've seen your movies. They're quite good."
Eddie Murphy: "Thanks, man"
Prince: "Would you like to come back to my house for a party?"
Eddie Murphy: "Sure man."
Prince: "Assemble your crew!"
by Rick James, Bitch! April 08, 2005
CnCFAN1, the much revered leader of The Tribunal. A man with a great sense of humor incompanied with his 3 photobucket accounts. Although very light tempered if anyone fucks with him they will find themselves in an early grave.
"You sir, CnCFAN1, are a GOD!"
by Rick James, Bitch! March 16, 2005

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