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The side of the country with much better dope, where the majority of males in the country are not gay, where people actually know what a dutch is, where nobody is a wannabe surfer poser that listens to Green Day and cries because he's pussywhipped and just got dumped like a little bitch, and where if you roll up like a bitch from Malibu or some other gay ass California city that claims to be hood your bound to get smacked and left dead in the hudson with concrete stuck on your ankles.
West Coast: What is this?
East Coast: "Bitch Smack" its a blunt bitch, give me all your weed before I kick your ass punk.
West Coast: Mommy, my gay little poser tattoos aren't scaring this guy.
#west coast #tupac #douchebags #homos #chumps
by Rick E. Ricardo June 18, 2009
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