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Co worker of the opposite sex that performs the duties of a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Person 1:"Why does Janet let Jerry bring her breakfast every morning?"
Person 2" 'Oh, that's Janet's 'Work Boo."
by Rick Da' Lingquist October 27, 2009
The key you want to use when a hot woman/man request to be your friend on Facebook.
"I just got a friend request from a hot chick on Facebook. I was like,"Where's the 'Hell Yeah Button'!"
by Rick Da' Lingquist November 16, 2009
When a dude interups another guy while that guy is speaking to a lady about his line of work by topping his job.
Guy: So I'm an investor on Wall Street.
Lady:Oh, how interesting.
Dude: Well I'm a Chicago city Firefighter.
Lady: Wow, a firefighter! Oh I bet you save lives and everything!
Guy: Yo man. Stop the Job Blocking!
by Rick Da' Lingquist October 07, 2009

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