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3 definitions by Rick Bruner

Defecate. Make a bowel movement (BM). Take a crap. Drop a load. Take a dump. Shit.
I thought I had to bust a movement, but it turns out I only had to bust a move.
by Rick Bruner February 06, 2008
A contraction of "issues internalized" - "sues in." Used to connote that a person is surpressing a lot of emotional baggage.
Ever since the divorce and her brother's death, Emmily has a lot of susans.
by Rick Bruner May 04, 2006
Fart. Flatulence. To pass gas.
Jim went over to hit on that girl at the bar, but as he opened his mouth, he felt he was about to bust a move, so he kept walking to the patio outside.
by Rick Bruner February 06, 2008