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A fine city in the West Riding of Yorkshire consisting of roughly half a million inhabitants, with an undeserved reputation. Full of friendly folk and fantastic scenery, Bradford is one of the nicest cities in the country.

Popular misconceptions include that the city is small, unclean, unfriendly and unkept. Many even go as far to say as it is a suburb of Leeds. Bradford is the seventh biggest city in the country, has won awards for being the cleanest in the country, is one of the few remaining places that you can smile at somebody and they will smile back, and the city's Lister Park has recently been awarded the Best Park in the UK Award after a recent renovation.

Spontanious conversations occur with the people you least expect, people are genuine, care about how you are and are without doubt some of the most helpful around.

Whilst not renowned for its nightlife, Bradford doesn't fair too badly, with the Rock, Indie and Alternative scene firmly established at venues around the city including Bradford Rio, the Gasworks, the Market Tavern, Exchange Bar and Delius, all of which are amazing, excusing the sticky floor. Mainstream pubs, clubs and restaurants also enjoy a presence in the city.

Bradford City Centre is home to one of the finest collections of Victorian Architecture in the country, with the City Hall being the most obvious and glamorous example. However, to avoid the crowds (there's a Wetherspoon's over the road], head to the Wool Exchange, St George's Hall or Little Germany for some equally impressive buildings. Other (non Victorian) buildings include the 1930s classically styled Alhambra Theatre, the Edwardian Cathedral and a plethora of more modern and up-to-date buildings, to shortly include a brand new shopping and office development in the Broadway area of the city centre.

Bradford is home to Britain's most-visited museum outside London, the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, Britain's only Colour Museum, a fantastic Industrial Museum and an art gallery at Cartwright Hall, to name but a few interesting days out.

There is very little crime in Bradford compared with the rest of the country (check out upmystreet.com if you don't believe me) and its major problem lies with the lack of civic pride from its citizens, which even people from such places as Liverpool and Middlesbrough manage to muster. So before you give this the thumbs down, if you live here just have a look around you and see what amazing things we have, and if you don't give us a try - I'm sure you'll like it!
I'm going to Bradford on my holidays!
by Rich~ October 06, 2006

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