3 definitions by Richy Oves

That guy has the biggest muscs
by Richy Oves April 23, 2010
Awesome, great, amazing, etc.
That guy is fatty
by Richy Oves April 23, 2010
To work out in order to become extremely buff. A person who is really buff is "pamped".
So I was pamping the HARDEST yesterday. I looked at my sweaty muscs and thought they were fatty. After several hours I decided to leave the gym and went to my car. Right when I was about to climb in the door some hipster kid walked by and quietly whispered "pampy-pampy-pampy-pampy-pampy". I guess my muscs are the most pamped! its fatty! I feel the most musc!!!
by Richy Oves April 23, 2010

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