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One who likes to perform cunniligus on a female. Usually associated with a lesbian or bi-sexual female.

Muddy muff dozer would to be the act of licking ass-hole.

Furry muff dozer would be eating out a hairy chick.

Many derivatives apply.
I had an awesome 3 way last night, as I pounded Kellie's ass hole from behind, she went muff dozer on Kathleen!

I was going muff dozer on Kathlen while Kellie sucked my cock, balls deep.

Kellie tries to act so straight, but she's a total muff dozer!
by Richter ass November 08, 2010
Another word for wedding ring. Showing how being married is puts you in a veritable stranglehold.

Indicated that you are in something that you can't get out of, and is killing you.
Man, I met the hottest chick last night! If it weren't for this damn wedding noose, I'd have fucked her sideways!!

Kellie may be wearing a wedding noose, but I ass blasted her last night like the slut she always was!

Kellie's husband thinks a wedding noose is gonna keep her from fucking every guy at the bar! What an idiot!
by Richter ass June 27, 2011
A womans ass hole. Or man's in jail terms. Can also apply to a womans mouth when all other holes are exhausted.
I fucked Kellie's snatch till it was totally raw last night, so I had to hammer it up her spare cunt this morning.


Her spare cunt was blown out after last night too, so I fucked the spare cunt on her face.
by Richter ass November 04, 2010
The act of fucking some random chick or having meaningless sex with someone you don't respect.

"Assified" would be an ass whore who clamps her dumper on any random cock.
I met some whore last night and she cuntified my dong for a while. Then I booted her out of my house.

Kellie is such a slut, she'll assify any dong that swings her way.
by Richter ass June 27, 2011
Basically, a copycat motorcycle made to look like a Harley. Japanese V-twin cruisers are the most common. "Narley" is short for "Not-Harley". Another derivative is Farley, which is Fake-Harley.
This weekend on the bike run, I saw a bunch of posers on their Narleys...they looked like newbs in their crispy leather.
by Richter Ass October 08, 2013

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