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3 definitions by Richierich

is when u fart and think its ok until you check your underpants you find a small nugget of plop has been produced.
daniel u big bum truffle
by richierich May 29, 2005
11 1
A nasty prick who fucks females whom
are too young for him. An incog-negro who slaps down the race card when it suits him. A rich asshole who will
look the community (camera) in the eye and say: "don't believe you're lyin' eyes. Believe me!"
Most African-American professional
athletes (especially the NBA), and
Robert Kelly (pedophile
by RichieRich July 30, 2003
16 33
Acronym for:
You Only Love Anal
Damn, that ass is da bomb. YOLA!
by Richierich July 02, 2012
27 88