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4 definitions by Richie rich

To pass the cigar filled with marajuana.
Yo pass the dutch i wanna smoke too.
Aiight dog.
by Richie rich November 06, 2003
88 57
One who excessively Maturbates after work or school or is Gay and enjoys playings with other mens testicles.
My friend Frank engages in many "estratesticular" activities with his Flomo friend Leeroy.
by Richie Rich April 04, 2003
6 2
the greek term for anus...also describes a very used and worn anus, typical of men in greek tragedies.
the gaping ah noose belonged to none other than Quintus...i noticed as i pulled away from his love tunnel.
by richie rich April 13, 2005
8 6
Radio or television advertisment for the fruit loops comprising "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."
Every time I turn on the TV they're showing another one of those damn homo promos!
by Richie Rich March 17, 2004
8 13