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The ultimate persecutor. If this person is against your way of living, sense of humor, or ethics, he or she will do whatever they can to take you down.
Sam did not enjoy the jokes I was making about Jimmy. He is so Pontius
by Richie Melps August 08, 2010
The action of sneaking from house to house with a couple of friends with the goal of grilling at least one burger on your neighbors' grills without getting caught.
Hey man do you want to go Grill Hopping with us at midnight?" "Oh hell yea!"
by Richie Melps August 09, 2010
A person who will get their friends in trouble with teachers, parents, other friends etc. for their own personal pleasure or gain
Eric was being Judas when he blamed the water heater breaking on me.
by Richie Melps August 08, 2010
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