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A person who is prone to enthusiastically swallowing large amounts of semen, particularly (though not exclusively) for financial renumeration. Originated in the late 80's British Army after a certain members passionate endeavours.
"Christ, it's been weeks since I busted a nut. Garry, get your chops round that. I don't want to see a drop spilt or it's a court martial for you"
Spunkguzzler: "With pleasure Sir!"
by Richie Kelkito July 07, 2006
used to denote an occasion when a homosexual whilst cupping his partners jizz in his throat, perts his lips and gentle blows little spunk bubbles in the air.

Thought to have originated in Hamilton
Shug: "Garry if you really love me, don't spit my love porridge out, be my little spunk bubble blower"

Garry: "Bob....Bob.....Bob....."
by Richie Kelkito July 07, 2006
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