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2 definitions by Richie Bruno

Silky smooth brother who reigns from Philly, got his nickname from his old man. Played his college-ball at UCONN well remeberd for his game winner against the UW huskies. Voted most outstanding player when Uconn won it all in 99. He is the best mid-range jump shooter in the game today. NBA champion, all-star, and is the masked man who can go for 40 at any time.
"Man rip hamilton is fast we cant keep up." Pat Riley..
by Richie Bruno May 12, 2006
57 21
Having two butt-holes. Or having the apperance of two, as a result of a deep inserted butt crack.
Dude when Don mooned me I noticed he had a double- barrel.
by Richie Bruno May 09, 2006
2 5