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1: left over smoke in the chamber of a bong after a cone has been pulled.

2: Riding a bike at full speed towards a jump/ ramp and jumping off the back of it just before it launches into the air with no-one on it.
1: person; "hey dude, pull the ghostie, stop wasting my weed."

2: Person; "Hey man, we found an old bike down at the park, wanna come ghostie it into the lake?"
by Richie Benaud March 07, 2012
To be dialling.
High on speed/ other amphetamine based substances. another term for 'Tuning'
Person 1: "Man, that taxi driver was sure on the dial!"

Person 2: "yeh he probly got up just before he found us"
by Richie Benaud March 07, 2012
Also "Powerade Releif Plan"

The frequent or regular smoking of marijuana using a home-made bong, such as a powerade bottle.
Person 1: "Why is your throat always sore man?"

Person 2: "I'm on the Powerade Plan, dude..."
by Richie Benaud March 07, 2012
Australian slang for Methamphetamine, (although not a very widely used term). usually the gooier, more cut and less potent form of bikie speed is being referred to here.
Person 1: "hey, keen for some ding?"

Person 2: "der!"
by Richie Benaud March 07, 2012
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