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Very good guitarist for Metallica. There are better though, like Vai, Satch, Petrucci though.
Kirk Hammett is a very good guitar player and can come up with great catchy solos.
by Richie January 05, 2004
When a worthy dame manipulates your nut-sack with her tongue and lips.
"Hummer my balls bitch"
by Richie January 27, 2004
Descriptive noun. Drunk. Describes the ability of the drunkard to shit through the eye of a needle.
I could shit through the eye of a needle, I was that rat-arsed.
by Richie December 11, 2003
Descriptive noun. Someone who mings, or is minging, q.v.

1. someone who smells bad
2. an ugly person (used of people to whom your attention has been drawn by a friend, perversely as a potential mate.)
3. someone who has very recently been drunk. Cognate of rat-arsed.
NB: This description should not be used to describe someone as drunk, as you will probably be drunk yourself.
4. someone generally distasteful
This word is widely used in the North of England and Scotland.
"There's this lass I work with and she's a total minger!"
"No I don't fancy him, he's a complete minger!"
"You minger! You were completely rat-arsed last night!"
"Bouche and his cronies are complete mingers!"
by Richie December 11, 2003

To want to be like U2 front man Bono. Much like a wannabe.
"Gary Lightbody (of Snow Patrol) is such a Bono wannabe..."
"... Bonobe."
by Richie April 04, 2008
An alternative to 'On the Real', which is in turn an alternative to 'For Real'.
Person 1: 'I got a promotion at work today'.
Person 2: 'On the Rizzle?'
by Richie August 08, 2003
a n00b that gets pwned when playing CS
mocaiv pwns mottac with headshot
by Richie July 15, 2004

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