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The stage in which a person is fatter than fat and deformed to the core where your upper body is fatter than your lower body
That hoe got a bad body.... she got big ass titts and no ass
by Richella December 09, 2008
when a female just has no ass what-so-ever. She is diagnosed with noassatall.She is not thick
"Look at dat girl tryna twist, she is unthick man she got noassatall!"
by Richella January 08, 2009
Goope is used to define something as very stupid. It can also be used to call something unattractive or ugly.
"We need to get out of this gooped ass club because it is not bumpin!"

"Man change the channel this show is so goope, i really dont want to watch this!"
by Richella January 02, 2009
A body that is shaped as a lollipop. That is round on top and straight flat on the bottom.
"look at that mans lollipop body...it's so big on top and small on the bottom"
by Richella January 08, 2009

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