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7 definitions by Richard Sager

as in "tina turner." another word for crystal meth.
"you lookin for miss turner?"
by richard sager January 30, 2004
21 7
extremely ridiculous/whack. foolish.
"yo that is just straight up whackulous"
by Richard Sager January 30, 2004
3 1
something that is an inconvience, having to go out of the way, a fat bitch, something you must accomplish before actually achieving your goal, a pain in the ass, dans,
that is sucha task, that tasky bitch, you are being tasky
by Richard Sager June 23, 2006
16 15
blingin' to the max, glittery, glamorous, hot, pimp, better than everyone else...
"yo... look at shortly over thurr...lookin' all blingdazzledfied and what not!"
by Richard Sager September 21, 2004
4 3
the act of shouting forward, a greeting, a salutation, an interjection. for caucasion use only. "holla front" is for other ethnicities.
"holler front all you want"
"just holler front when you get to the club"
by Richard Sager January 30, 2004
5 5
far away, long trip, way out there, rural; subrurbs even
"yeah...rich lives like way down yonder"
by Richard Sager September 03, 2004
9 13
busted, cunty, ugly female.
"yo yvonne is lookin' odie 'n' shit tonight"
by richard sager January 30, 2004
12 48