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A jive talk'n person who continuously talks crap and has to over compensate for there severe lack of personality by constantly streaming verbal bullshit to all those they meet, this person has "Shit Lips"
"My boss told me i was going to get a raise and promotion this year" This guy has total "Shit Lips"
by Richard Rogers March 22, 2008
A person that finds it difficult to sit still even if they are in an important meeting.
closely realated to the jiffle a religious dance.
When sitting in a meeting and you notice the guy/girl opposite you moving around in there chair quite regulary, they are known as a jiffler,or you could shout'STOP JIFFLING'.
by Richard Rogers March 20, 2008
In the game of texas hold'em this is when you recieve the jack two of hearts this is commonly known as the gay jester
A close relative to the gay waiter Q-3, on recieving this hand the 'gay jester' the player starts to act camp and will suffer possible rectal fisture's
by Richard Rogers March 18, 2008
a person who lives underground inside a earth hole, which is covered by a mossy stone, these people tend to live of earth worms and other assorted grubs, and tend to come from the kings lynn area.
stig of the dump might have been a "swampy", others have pretended to be protesting over new runways but really just love living with the worms.
by Richard Rogers March 19, 2008
A Double bagger is a male who lowers himself over his victims head, revealing his testicals, he will swing both nuts to ensure a good smack and land it dead centre on the victims chin.
A Double bagger is usualy implimented if one is bored or if the missus has just dropped off into a deep sleep, a common form of humiliation used by the romans.
by Richard Rogers March 20, 2008

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