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"Food" with fecal matter on it because the slaughterhouse rips the poor animal's body apart so violently that his intestines burst. People eat it after cooking it. They think eating burned feces material is fine, then are ridiculous enough to turn around and ridicule gays for having anal sex.
Millions of pounds of beef are being recalled because of E. Coli contamination.
by Richard Peterson September 30, 2007
A part of Mexico that was stolen by the United States. It is still part of Mexico because stolen property remains the property of the original owner. Because I am a patriot, I am ashamed of this stain on the honor of the United States.
California is still a nice place to live.
by Richard Peterson September 30, 2007
A person who probably had charisma and may have been okay-but there must have been many interpolations by people with an ax to grind and the Gospels are from a hundred years later, so who knows what he really said?
Anyway, Jesus is who Christians sell their souls to for a chance at salvation. Christians give up on their own sense of fairness and kindness and common sense and live by contradictory and primitive rules. Then Christians warn against selling your soul to a mean critter named Satan, an obviously foolish bargain to make their own sellout look better.
Jesus is Lord, I bow to His will.-said by many customers of the faith industry.
by Richard Peterson September 30, 2007
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