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A spaz level is the level or amount of Ken Spaziani equivalent strength at any specific time. High Spaz Levels can be achieved by doing too much weight for bicep curls and then taking off your shirt and flexing in the mirror. Spaz Level can also be increased by taking pain killers and taking long cool drags of menthol ciggs. Spaz Levels decrease as your body goes through detox.
"yo bro bra my Spaz Level just reahed 1000. I did 2 bicep curls with 30 pounds then took a drag of a Newport cigg im rippin"
by Richard Moss January 09, 2009
Any object that can hold alot of items. It can hold an almost infinite amount of books,pens,beer,ciggarets,condoms. But has to be carryable. Things that go inside this object are often lost because of its vastness.
I can fit all my school shit inside my trausy.
by Richard Moss January 31, 2008
Make- Out

To Make Out with someone say M O for short
"Yo you wanna M O Bitch"
by Richard Moss January 09, 2009

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