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In a non fictional sense, the phrase represents the suttle but significant influences that fictional ideas have on in the "real" world.
"What is the answer to life the universe and everything?"

"the answer is 42"
by Richard Malenfant May 12, 2007
A person that plays a lot of Halo (xbox game series), person who uses terms such as: "pwnd", "noob", "raped", etc. while not playing halo.
"my friend is a hopeless halophile"
by Richard Malenfant May 12, 2007
A person who you have no real personal relationship with and yet follows you around as if you had them on a leash.
"you know that kid who just showed up one day and never left"?

"oh ya the clingon, lol"
by Richard Malenfant May 12, 2007

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