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when you fuck with no condom
I raw dogged that bitch and blew it all up in her.
by Richard Long April 12, 2003
A guy who is loyal to a slut-cunt type woman. He may also buy her things and take care of her kids or other things.
Look her comes Capt. Sav a hoe with that slut bitch. Didn't she just get done fucking that other dude?
by Richard Long April 12, 2003
the best website ever.
I want to fuck a bitch on Bangbus
by richard long April 21, 2003
Video Poker. A game you play for money that is very addicting.
I played some video crack and lost $250
by Richard Long April 12, 2003
A slang term for a level of quality that is way above average.
1. Fuck me that shit was oc88!
2. That is one oc88 bit of kit ya got there!
by Richard Long October 22, 2004
Getting highly intoxicated.
Ikes was but faced last night.
by Richard Long April 12, 2003
A person who dresses like a member of N*Suck or the BackDoor Boys.
Anestis is a Fun Boy. He must have just left the n*Suck concert. He is probably high on Fun Smack.
by Richard Long April 12, 2003

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