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A sex act whereby the giver's mouth creates an air-tight lock on the area between a man's testicles and his anus, sucking acutely so as to leave a concentrated patch of burst blood-vessels resembling a hickey.

Furthermore, the female adaptation of said act whereby the giver creates aforementioned vacuum seal around the area of a woman's vagina and anus, in order to create an irritated patch of skin, is most commonly known as a Squash-Blossom.
1. (male) "Hey bruh, that PYT I picked up from the club last night totally gave me a bungleberry before AND after I got it in."
"That's amazing bruh! You better lock it down quick."

2. (female) "Hey honey, seeing as it's my birthday, it would be really sweet of you to go downtown tonight."
"But baby, isn't it around that time of the month? Could I just take a rain-check and give you a nice affectionate Squash-Blossom instead?"
by Richard Lips February 05, 2012
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