2 definitions by Richard James

A racial slur for a very specific, unclassified race. From the Gaelic word Parlia, a word which can mean both your mother and hoe.
Parlians are characterized by their membership in supermarket price clubs, their love for cutting coupons from the Sunday times, and their cardboard skirts.
Parlians are closely related to louts.
GameQueen is a Parlian and should go back to her supermarket price clubs.
by Richard James June 21, 2004
A person of unquestionable and unsurpassed girth. They are only found in specific places on the Canadian border where waterfalls flow backwards.
They enjoy fish, grains, Twinkies, microwavable pizzas, and Mexican food, but only if it has green sauce, not red sauce.
From the eskimo expression "to lout", meaning someone broke into their igloo and jacked their fish.
Closely related, but distinctly seperate, from parlians.
"I think you're being a little harsh on North America's grain production centers, lout."
by Richard James June 21, 2004

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