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3 definitions by Richard Jackson

A mythical fairy who comes while your sleeping and shits in your mouth as punishment for over endulging in alcohol.

This explains why after a heavy night drinking you wake up with a yucky taste in your mouth.
Morning after a heavy night drinking.

"Man musta had a visit from the shit fairy last night my mouth tastes horrible"
by Richard Jackson February 14, 2005
A hand gesture that implies that one has, will or would like to indulge in the act of placing 2 in the pink and one in the stink.
Hey dude wouldn't you like to do the old (Show Hand Gesture) to that nasty piece of work over there.
by Richard Jackson January 25, 2005
A female who goes around toungue kissing anyone and everyone they come into contact with.

Pash Monsters usually are found at house parties
Hey dude watch out for that Pash Monster, shes a freak
by Richard Jackson February 10, 2005