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A noun used to insult anyone that looks, talks, or acts like a dork.
OMG, don't let Stewart come with us tonight, that dude is a fucking gack.
by Richard Huang November 06, 2004
One of the many variations to the word noob; a term commonly used to belittle anyone who is new, unfamiliar, or simply sucks dick at a particular video game.

Synonyms: newb, newbie, noob, n00b, n00blar...etc...etc...

Antonyms: elite, l33t, 1337...etc...etc...
nub: how to play?

1337: just aim and shoot.

nub: ...how to play?

1337: go read the manual or check out forums for l33t advice.

nub: manual? forum?

1337: OMG, ffs you idiot. Just press Alt + F4 than you dumbass nub.

(nub exits game)
by Richard Huang November 11, 2004
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