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Someone who is actually addicted to sucking dick.
She is such a bone smoker. I can't tell what she loves more, cigarettes, or penis in the mouth.
#cock monger #hose monster #dick fiend #cock tease #blow job
by Richard Hatless June 10, 2008
The ability to sculpt anothers throat with your penis.
Ben was able to begin mouth sculpting Kelly's throat throught the use of his large and uncircumsised penis, creating a masterpiece.
#blow job #hose monster #brains #deep throat #head
by Richard Hatless March 07, 2009
To have sex without the use of a condom.
"She said she was on the pill, so when I fucked her I hit it hatless and didn't pull out."
#bareback #unprotected sex #double bag it #wrap it up #condom
by Richard Hatless June 09, 2008
A mildly attractive and insecure male or female who aggressively sucks penis in order to maintain sexual and social relationships. Hose monsters suck dick because they feel as if they have to, and becoming a hose monster is typically a result of sexual abuse during adolescence.

Source: Richard Hatless, Portland, OR
Hey man, do you remember your old girl from college? She wasn't that great looking, but couldn't get enough semen! Sure is nice to have a hose monster around every now and then. Once, that hose monster sucked me off 3 times in the same day dude. Shit bro, sorry I never told you.....
#cock monger #bone smoker #dick fiend #cock tease #blow job
by Richard Hatless June 12, 2008
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