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a saying for "good" or "very good"
yum i love pine nuts, they are my sexual llama
by Richard Gilland July 14, 2006
A term used over instant messaging when you return to the computer after saying brb, craig made it up cos he's cool
Craig: brb
Bob: okies
Craig: iBack (tm)
by Richard Gilland February 12, 2007
A rip-off display picture for MSN messenger, you spend hours making your own and then get plastered with stupid "pay us money to download" messages.
"Thats a cool meego, how much did it cost you?"
"nothing, i know how to use print screen and touch it up with photoshop"
by Richard Gilland May 12, 2006
A person that loves computer parts
"I dont like notebooks, they look dumb, i prefer large desktop cases as they are sexy"
"your such a hardwaresexual"
by Richard Gilland August 20, 2006

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