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2 definitions by Richard Galarza/Justin Boyd

when a girl is sandwiched between two guys in the Wobbly H(twin towers) position...sucking a guys dick and getting it from behind.
The Air Force hottie joined from behind making Noelle the lucky lucy between the Air Force hottie and famous wrestler.
by Richard Galarza/Justin Boyd April 26, 2008
dumb Noun form of dumb, also spelled "DUMB"; a term usually used when you are flustered. is usually used to replace a persons name...so some may call it a Pronoun. a synonym for dummy
Shut up DUMBB! Fuck you DUMBB! I hate you DUMBB(Noelle{just replace a name with the word dumb to turn the adjective into a noun)! Hey DUMBB!!
by Richard Galarza/Justin Boyd April 25, 2008