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When Your belly hang out farther than your dick do.
Bitch cant even give him head he has dick doo.
by Richard Cranium March 08, 2003
baddest mofo in the valley
watch out .... bozas is coming
by richard cranium May 17, 2004
A totally off the wall game show thats as funny as watching a one legged dog at a fire hydrant. INDEED!! Right you are Kenny. The funniest game show i've ever seen. Not the smartest show, but the funniest!!
During a couples show, the male swings from a rope over a small pond and has to make his body stick to a wall (the wall looks like a window with curtains)directly accross said pond. He wears a velcro suit i assume. As he prepares his wife shouts to him " Keep it between the pink curtains honey!" Hysterical..
by Richard Cranium January 15, 2004
The action of root throwing, as in sex.
I took her out back and throwed her my root. Throwing the root.
by Richard cranium December 26, 2013
adjective: stupid; without thinking

Noun: Idiot
Adjective: That comment was Shtu-Barnes

Noun: Shut up Shtu-Barnes
by Richard Cranium June 25, 2003
Sexual maneuver popularized in a porn movie when "The Sheik" is leaning back, relaxing whille one of his harem is vigorously working his schlong, grinding her hips up and down on it.
Said The Sheik (with a strong, but obviously faked Arab accent)... "aaah, yes, work it... work it baby... yes, that's it... dance on my dick... disco dick..."
by Richard Cranium October 28, 2004

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