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acronym stands for Insane Crip Nation
I am in Insane Crip Nation six points for life bitch.
by Richard March 21, 2005
One of many aliases of Ol' Dirty Bastard
"Have you heard any albums by Ol' Dirty Bastard a.k.a Osirus"
by Richard January 19, 2005
Vague, Blasé, Non-thinking, Accepting without consequence, Ignorant.
Lassard-like (as in the character description from Police Academy movie series). "It will just be one vague Lassard-like element of our lives."
by Richard January 11, 2005
A baked good.
In the film "The Bird Cage", the Nathan Lane character patronizes a bakery and samples the "schneckin". No off-color meaning is intended in that scene.
by richard October 02, 2003
thats weeney good
by richard July 28, 2003
refering to something which is really good - (it is off the hook for sure)
y'all look Off da heasy fersheasy!
by richard June 14, 2004
its the new form of prep dress, it takes the old form and re-creates it for the time of today, you would wear polos in light shades ie. baby pink, blue, and green, cut off kahkis, flip-flops, and a cute tote.
some exaples that sell this style would be american eagle.
by richard April 15, 2005

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