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1.) A synonym for the word \"whore\" and \"skank-ho\"

2.)When there is multiple penetrations to a woman\'s vagina at the same time.

3.) A vagina that is widely used and appreciated.

4.) A girl at a mexican party.
1.) I\'m going to go downtown and pick me up a public vagina.
2.) Man last night me and Randall made Louise a public vagina.
3.) Louise was being such a public vagina last night.
4.) Man, that Lafawnduh Martinez is a public vagina.
by Richard March 31, 2005
Originally computer slang for "peace," used mainly in IM conversations during the 21st century.
Richard: "I'm off to jail now."
Wife: "peas"
by Richard February 23, 2005
Used on message boards (forums). If someone doesn't get that your post is a joke, follow up the post with </joke>.
Me: Arn't you smart.
Other Person: Really?
Me: </joke>
by Richard August 10, 2004
When there is no other word to describe something, nothing better than "BAH" to describe it.
BAH!!!! David, were going home!!!!!
by Richard April 14, 2003
A Question That A Duck May Ask To A Butcher
Duck: Got Any Bread?
Butcher: No, This Is A Butchers! Piss Off or I will nail your beak to this counter
Duck: Got Any Nails?
Butcher: No
Duck: Got Any Bread???
by Richard November 25, 2004
White tracksuit wearing little shit who smokes constantly and hangs around with twenty of their so-called 'bruvs'. Often sporting a white baseball cap worn at a ridiculous angle on the back of the head and excessive amounts of Argos gold.
Pikey: What u lookin at twat?
Normal person: Nothing, I assure you.
Pikey: Are you taking the piss?
Normal person: Don't be absurd, what makes you think that?
Pikey: <Spits on floor> Come on then, lets fight to see who is the 'ardest!
by Richard January 15, 2004
To describe a man masturbating
"I'll be out of the bathroom in a minute. I'm releasing the hostages."
by Richard December 28, 2003
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