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n. paper currency as opposed to coins. (Southern dialect).
Bubba was tired of all of that loose change in his pocket rubbing his leg so he want into the store and swapped it for folding money.
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by Richard Black September 25, 2007
The first or head cheerleader; the one who gets to take on the football captain first; a traditional rite in some parts of Texas and the south.
Candy was a petite blonde but worthy of her right to rule the yell squad. Her initiation had been long anticipated by Tyrone, veins popping out on his eleven inches every time he thought about it. Candy didn't wear any panties to that first game and teased all of the boys who ran under the stands to shoot as much squirrel as possible. After the dance in the gym, Candy knew she was to be paired off with Tyrone. They left to meet the others at the Dairy Queen. On the way Tyrone stopped the car and topped Candy, his massive pole literally shredding the walls of Candy's joy box. She fainted as blood mixed with sperm literally spurted from her sweet little box. She cleaned herself, went on to the drive-in and ate two big whoppers and shared a double order of spicy fries with Tyrone. The lead cheerleader had followed tradition and had proven herself. She had survived this rite of passage.
by Richard Black March 21, 2005
Having had sex with a casual partner.
Eddie picked up Clyde at the bar, took him home, gave him another drink, and then tricked with him.
by Richard Black March 14, 2005
Foul tasting semen from someone who has been drinking and has ejaculated in the mouth of someone who has not been drinking.
Kelvin didn't like to trick at clubs or parties because he did not like the taste of beer cum.
by Richard Black March 12, 2005
strength; endurance; power or ability
Tyrone had topped four girls after the senior prom already, and when Takeshia came along and groped him, he did not have the strenth to take her on.
by Richard Black March 02, 2005
Extra urine produced by a human body that has consumed several cans/bottles of beer.

Preferred by gays into water sports.
Tyrone was the favorite to give golden showers simply because of the volume of urine he produced while drinking.
by Richard Black March 12, 2005
a manly, muscular homosexual
Rock Hudson was so macho he should have been arrested for male fraud right there on the set in the arms of Jane Wyman.
by Richard Black March 19, 2005
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