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195 definitions by Richard Black

v. performing any of a multitude of sex acts
The San Diego hos were lining the docks and ready to service the sailors who were returning to shore after six months at sea.
by Richard Black May 12, 2005
n. a parody on creme de la creme, meaning the best of the best or cream of the cream, quim de la quim is the pussy (best) of all pussies.
With his endowment measuring in excess of ten inches, Tyrone had made Brie Ann's quim commodious and accommodating to the largest penis in the city. His techniques developed her labia muscles to contract at the most opportune time; therefore, Brie Ann was said to have the quim de la quim. Because of such acclaim when the need arose, he had no trouble pimping for her.
by Richard Black April 29, 2005
A mound in denim jeans on a male to the immediate right or left of his crotch where his tight jeans have shifted his dick and balls. Usually seen on hung guys and cowboys.
Gawd, did you see the levi bulge on that bareback bull rider?
by Richard Black March 12, 2005
Something that does not go over very well.
Nancy came dressed as a nun to Mike's sleep-over fuck party. Her appearance went over like a turd in a punchbowl.
by Richard Black March 04, 2005
n. a substitute mother who carries a child for a female who for many reasons cannot 'birth a baby.'
Tyrone and Brie Ann produced such lovely children, he as dark as the ebony keys, she as white as the white keys on a piano, and the children a lovely in-between mocha toned. Barren women had seen Tyrone and Brie Ann's products (shaded like soap opera stars) and wanted children like them, especially boys who were born already endowed.

To make sure Brie Ann had quads, Tyrone masturbated into petrie dish, causing it to overflow. The doctor collected five eggs from Brie Ann and fertilized them in petrie dishes with Tyrone's generous sperm and implated the fertilized eggs in Brie Ann's womb. Since she was carrying the children for others, she was now a surrogate mother even though the eggs were hers. All five matured to term and Brie Ann made five ladies happy nine months later.

There was a question about the legitimacy of these children as Tyrone and Brie Ann had never married.
by Richard Black April 17, 2005
A light that flashes on and off; sometimes referring to directional turn signals on an automobile or the hazard lights.
Mary was driving so fast she didn't turn on her left turn blinker until she was just a few yards from the corner.
by Richard Black April 03, 2005
The first or head cheerleader; the one who gets to take on the football captain first; a traditional rite in some parts of Texas and the south.
Candy was a petite blonde but worthy of her right to rule the yell squad. Her initiation had been long anticipated by Tyrone, veins popping out on his eleven inches every time he thought about it. Candy didn't wear any panties to that first game and teased all of the boys who ran under the stands to shoot as much squirrel as possible. After the dance in the gym, Candy knew she was to be paired off with Tyrone. They left to meet the others at the Dairy Queen. On the way Tyrone stopped the car and topped Candy, his massive pole literally shredding the walls of Candy's joy box. She fainted as blood mixed with sperm literally spurted from her sweet little box. She cleaned herself, went on to the drive-in and ate two big whoppers and shared a double order of spicy fries with Tyrone. The lead cheerleader had followed tradition and had proven herself. She had survived this rite of passage.
by Richard Black March 21, 2005