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n. ebonics for children. Also heard as chirren(s), chillun(s), and childring.
Momma, call these chirrens into the house. Dey be too young to be fuckin' right here on the front porch so white foks ken see 'um when dey drives by.
by Richard Black April 20, 2005
Like a turkish bath where there is a lot of homosexual activity. In addition to steam and sauna rooms, may have a lounging area, glory hole room, jail, bunk house, where gays can trick.
Sandy lost track of time and the number he tricked Saturday night at the local gay bath.
by Richard Black March 14, 2005
Beef testicles battered and fried; considered gourmet dining in the American west even though they are tough and have gristles.
The Brown Derby parboils their mountain oyster dishes so they won't be so tough and hard to chew.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
In some porn shops professionally drilled penis holes with painted lips, heads, butts for the purpose of anonymous sex in the form of fellatio or buggery.

Beware, the guy on the other side might be straight and have a lit cigarette!
Jimmy learned to wait for a signal from the other side of the stall wall where the glory hole was.

His horniness suddenly left him when he stuck his cock through the glory hole and a straight guy touched the head of his cock with a lit cigarette.
by Richard Black March 02, 2005
n. a girl whose only usefulness is to get a guy off. The sex is for male relief and there is total lack of affection in the act.
When Brie Ann was cranky or otherwise wouldn't put out, there was always Sylvia, his bang piece.
by Richard Black June 04, 2005
v. performing any of a multitude of sex acts
The San Diego hos were lining the docks and ready to service the sailors who were returning to shore after six months at sea.
by Richard Black May 12, 2005
Acting a role that is not your usual way of life.
When Tyrone and Chris got together, they played master and slave. Tyrone kept Chris in chains, said nasty things to him, and in general abused him. Later, they had sex with Tyrone on top.
by Richard Black April 12, 2005
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