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195 definitions by Richard Black

In ebonics, the black word for jewelry.
Comeshia got all of her jury at Woolsworth.
by Richard Black March 28, 2005
93 20
Dangerous dildo for one who is gay. Emergency rooms report numerous cases were aggresive users got carried away with the veggie, had it slipout of their hands, and turn sideways in the colon. Only a doctor could remove it.
The embarrassment of having the cucumber removed from LeRoy's ass was worse than the medical procedure it took to retrieve the lost veggie.
by Richard Black May 01, 2005
169 100
n. wife; married female
"My ball and chain never has dinner ready when I get home from work," Dagwood said to Mr. Dithers.
by Richard Black April 28, 2005
143 80
The halter that elevates and holds in place human mammary glands, named for the inventor Phillipelde Brassiere.

Sometime in the mid twentieth century somebody started calling them bras, maybe because they could spell brassiere. Hardly any store advertises or customers ask for brassieres today. It's simply bra.
Dagmar had a hard time finding a store that sold 44DDD bras.
by Richard Black March 30, 2005
76 13
So named for the porn star Peter North, whose loads spurt nine to ten times and can fill a measuring cup.
Joe strangled on a Peter North load from a sailor who had just finished six months at sea.
by Richard Black March 14, 2005
68 10
n. Money garnisheed from a father's salary check to help support his children.
Kiersten was so excited to see Tyrone with a child support check (the first in six months), she decided do him a favor and go to bed with him, only to find out later he had impregnated her again.
by Richard Black May 06, 2005
99 45
n. intangible pressure to be the equal or better of your peers.
Masculine peer pressure in the ghetto neighborhoods of some black areas demands that a male be a father before he is sixteen. That is why Tyrone started have sex at eleven and fathered his first child at thirteen.
by Richard Black May 06, 2005
132 78