195 definitions by Richard Black

nuts like a billy goat.
Matt could feel the banging of Chuck's low hangers against his ass cheeks as Chuck pistoned in and out of Matt's hairy hole.
by Richard Black March 03, 2005
The size of your penis.
Hey, Shi'Thead, how much you packin? I see quite a levi bulge in your jeans.
by Richard Black March 17, 2005
A spiral notebook with the name of a jr. or sr. high girl (usually) written on the top line. The books is passed around among classmates who write nasty things (slam) on the page under the girl's name.
La Nadra Moore

Ho' Lez Thief

She's a bitch. Stole my Tyrone.

Got chlamydia and who knows what.
by Richard Black March 12, 2005
Having sex with pregnant women up to delivery.
Tyrone didn't have to ask the dr. if it was safe to continue sex during pregnancy because he knew other couples who had sex within a few hours of delivery. In fact, with Brie Ann's quints, he claims he broke her water with his final, ejaculating thrust. A nurse in the delivery room claimed there was semen on the face of the first out.
by Richard Black May 07, 2005
adj. phrase to describe certain married females who wanted to work outside of the home but forbidden by their protective husbands. Usage common in the U.S. to about 1960.
Joe kept Sarah hushed up about working a factory shift by keeping her barefoot and pregnant. He knocked her up everytime she bled so she'd have too much to do at home than to think about other work.
by Richard Black April 29, 2005
n. an urge to gag, strangle, or vomit when swallowing
Tyrone taught Brie Ann to relax her gag reflex by painting her throat with numbing teething gel so she could deepthroat him with ease and have him shoot his load directly into her stomach.
by Richard Black June 01, 2005
n. wife; married female
"My ball and chain never has dinner ready when I get home from work," Dagwood said to Mr. Dithers.
by Richard Black April 28, 2005

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