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n. a lazy, un-wed, child-bearing woman who in the U.S. who milks government assistance for every penny she can. Created by LBJ in his Great Society plan and perpetuated by subsequent presidents.
Zaquina had five illegitimate children by five different men. She qualified for a hefty stipend, medicaide, and food stamps from the government.

She deprived her children of necessities and was able to buy herself a new Cadillac and a new house. Zaquina was, indeed, a welfare queen.
by Richard Black April 17, 2005
In sex the disappearence of the penis into the vaginal cavity and the rupturing the hymen.
Kiersten's examination in the ER showed that the source of her vaginal bleeding was penetration and the puncturing of the back wall of her vagina as the source of the blood. Kiersten spoke of falling on her bicycle handlebar, but the experienced personnel in the ER knew rape when they saw it. Who was the rider of the second bike that was found? Someone said Kiersten had been seen riding with Peter Goesinya.
by Richard Black March 25, 2005
Getting so hot and bothered prepatory to intercourse that the male cums on the gal's belly before he can penetrate her.

"No more dates with you, Freddy. This is the third time you've missed and made a mess on my belly. Now lick up every drop of that premature ejaculation!"
by Richard Black August 18, 2006
A little lubricant is needed in order to practice this sex act.

Saliva, KY, vaseline or any scented, edible lubricant.
Tyrone got so carried away in his titfuck of Takesia that he shot off in her face.
by Richard Black March 30, 2005
Lubricant used in fisting.
The bouncer at Joey's Bar where gays hung out always knew what Louie wanted since he always carried a three pound can of crisco with him.
by Richard Black March 28, 2005
In public toilets one who sits all day on a commode waiting for a penis to come at him through a glory hole.
Hubert sat for three hours on the throne in the toilet at the Gem XXX rated theater and got ten tricks while he was there.
by Richard Black February 27, 2005
nuts like a billy goat.
Matt could feel the banging of Chuck's low hangers against his ass cheeks as Chuck pistoned in and out of Matt's hairy hole.
by Richard Black March 03, 2005

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