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A phrase in Southern dialect meaning "I am going to" followed by an the rest of the infinitive and the remaining thought of a sentence.
Mona get me a sandwich as soon as I quit work.
by Richard Black August 01, 2007
Phrase at the beginning of a sentence meaning "You are making," or "Did you make?" Probably southern dialect.
Jamaican me crazy with that boombox turned up to the tenth decibel.

Jamaican 'A' in sexology last semester?
by Richard Black June 19, 2005
In my teenage period (1950s) making out was 'going all the way.' Sometime since, making out has come to mean petting (groping, touching, fondling). The word petting seems to be vanishing in the 21st Century.
Before grandfather and grandmother married, they had sexual intercourse (fucked) in their teens but that sounded so harsh, so they called it making out.

Today, making out is just fooling around, groping, and touching, but not having intercourse.
by Richard Black April 16, 2005
With homosexuals, feeling the size (length, girth) of a potential trick's penis while the hardened penis is still in the pants of the trick.
Howard could feel something like the size of a hard gherkin in LeRoy's pants, so he decided not to grope him anymore and moved on.
by Richard Black March 02, 2005
An expression for having sex at the end of a date.
After dinner and the movies and making out in the car in front of the house, Brie Ann invited Tyrone up to her bedroom for a happy ending. Having sex was the happy ending for the date.
by Richard Black December 28, 2010
Sexual intercourse; having sex; fucking
Tyrone pulled off Kiersten's bathing suit bottom, inserted his ram-rod and started making out right there on the beach.
by Richard Black March 28, 2005

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