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In some cultures if a female is old enough to bleed, she is old enough to breed.
Daddy: "Sally, now tell me when you first see blood in your pants or in your pee."

Sally: "Ok, daddy."

Some time later.

Sally: "Daddy, my pants are full of blood."

Daddy: "Ok, Sally, we are going to play a game for the next several weeks."

Daddy had sex with Sally until he knocked her up.

This is also known as incest.
by Richard Black March 30, 2005
Gay lingo for penis.
Seems like everybody on the high school team was offering tube steak to the boy cheerleaders on the bus on the trip back home.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
To forcibly take virginity away, usually from a girl...to pluck the blooming crotch rose.
Tyrone and Shi'Teshia were dates at the prom, he in tux and she in a white formal.

After the prom and the drive to the lake, Tyrone pulled off Shi'Teshia's white formal and deflowered her right there on the front seat. She'Teshia's mother knew what had happened when She'Teshia came home. There was no need to explain how the formal became red and white polka-dotted.
by Richard Black March 19, 2005
What a gay guy gets off on.
Tube steak after tube steak was poked through the glory hole, and Rock made gravy out of all of them with his saliva filled sucking machine mouth.
by Richard Black March 18, 2005
an older rich, gay white man who provides money or other goodies for his stable of black tricks.
George dropped $10k on his recent trip to DC, Philly, and NYC paying for bedroom favors from black escorts, who call him sugar daddy.
by Richard Black March 04, 2005
n. conceited attitude, cockiness, arrogance, strut
Tyrone was full of every aspect of swagger when he deflowered and impregnated the white class favorite.
by Richard Black May 08, 2005
A masculine cover-up for homosexuality; usually seen as escorts for older women or starlets, often paid to do so, to perpetuate a facade, their masculinity.
Rock Hudson, James Dean, Monty Clift, etc. were all stud muffins, and movie goers didn't find out until near or after their deaths.
by Richard Black March 18, 2005

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