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A nasal scraping derived from inhaled soil and mixed with nasal secretions and dried.
Dale dug and dug into his nose until he removed a bugger the size of a dime. He quickly flicked it across the school room and it landed in Sally's hair.
by Richard Black March 10, 2005
To gaze adoringly at a male sex organ and tenderly touch and caress it in sensitive ways. (Can also be practiced by gays).
Brie Ann cradled Jerome's balls in her hands and stared at his throbbing cock. She licked his sac, flicked her tongue against his cock veins, twirled her tongue on his cockhead and backed off in a form of cock worship. She saw her saliva glisten on his black velvet skin. She glanced again adoringly before her white mouth engulfed his cockhead and she gave him a blowjob he'd remember for life.
by Richard Black April 07, 2005
n. a hobo or hobo clown
Fred Astaire and Judy Garland were a couple of swells in the movie 'Easter Parade.'
by Richard Black March 01, 2005
n. a feeling of proper regard with strict adherence to protocol
Heather, a novice white ho, showed proper respect for the sexual prowess of her black pimp, Leroy, and the clientele he brought to her. Once she'd tried black, she knew she'd never go back even if money wasn't involved.
by Richard Black April 24, 2005
coming from the word corn(y), a cornball is like a country bumpkin or dimwitted person such as a redneck; having to do with activities of such people.
The current president of the U.S. is a cornball. G. W. Bush invented the notion of WMDs in Iraq because he just wanted to have a war during his administration. To say Iraqis were freedom-hungry and that the USA was spreading freedom are cornball excuses for going to war.
by Richard Black April 13, 2005
ejaculate or sperm being expelled from the penis
Takeshia was playing with Tyrone's big erected pecker. She kissed it, it puked on her, so she broke its neck and it collapsed.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
To implant semen in the womb for the purpose of uniting with an egg to form a fetus, therefore stopping menstruation and causing the body to expand as the fetus grows.
The purpose of Tyrone forcing sex on Brie Ann, the prom queen, was to knock up the queen and also to knock her off the throne and change her attitude. Brie Ann had been rubbing him the wrong way for months. Now she could think about this for years.
by Richard Black April 07, 2005

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