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Something else to fuck on a real babe.
Takesheia's 44DDDcup size made a tremendous valley for Tyrone to fuck when she took off her bra.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
A used condom full of semen.
Two gays walked down Lovers Lane early Sunday morning looking for fresh scumbags for a morning appetizer.
by Richard Black March 02, 2005
n. a phrase that indicates connubial or marriage benefits for male/female couples who have not married and are 'practicing marriage' out of wedlock.
Shi'Thead and Shi'Tisha often 'practice marriage,' live together for a time, and bring children into the world out of wedlock. There are no problems in this because welfare/US govenment will see the mother is well monitored during pregnancy, birth the child free, feed the child by issuing food stamps, provide for all medical benefits, and pay for the schooling of the child through college (Pell Grants). The mother receives a stiped, one for each child born out of wedlock. Everything is taken care of and life is wonderful. There is no limit on the number of children and couples often try for more children so they can get more money. So no wonder immigrants want to come to this country and live the good life and have everything taken care of by the government.
by Richard Black May 14, 2005
One who is deliberately having unprotected anal sex in order to be infected with HIV, particularly if his lover has it. This is done to show true love and devotion in the gay union or to commiserate (share the pain of HIV) with his lover.
Bob was infected with HIV before he met Ray. Ray was so in love with Bob that he wanted to experience everything with his lover, including HIV.
by Richard Black March 03, 2005
The epitome of sexual release, the most intense orgasm; ecstasy.
Katrina's husband Harold was like a rooster...on and off and snoring in three minutes. Katrina was left unsatisfied and pent up with lust and frustration. She had read about interracial couples and went searching for a black man. She found eleven inch Clarence at a bar and they went to a motel. Rapture was hers at last as Clarence took Katrina to heights she never imagined.
by Richard Black March 24, 2005
A male with a manly or military look.
Tom liked to go down to the bay and watch the fleet come in. All of the sailors looked so butch and were as horny as hell having been at sea six months.
by Richard Black March 14, 2005
Body lice in the crotch area; same as crabs.
Jerome was often a muff diver and quite frequently you could see the cooties in his eyebrows.
by Richard Black March 15, 2005

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