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195 definitions by Richard Black

In intercourse when passion is released in an orgasm, particularly in females.
Takeshia got her rocks real quick when Bam drilled her with his thirteen inch rod.
by Richard Black February 27, 2005
7 19
phrase meaning quiet tongue and often used with the word *on* and meaning being quiet when referring to secrets, gossip, or lies.
Since Tyrone showed up with the new purple 05 Cadillac with thin tires and spinner, silver wheels, he's been on the qt even with Brie Ann.
by Richard Black June 04, 2005
100 113
a short-changed black man; one with a short dick.
Ruby lost her horniness when she got home and in bed with Sam and found out his dick was the size of her tube of lipstick. She had accidentally picked up a shawty at the bar.
by Richard Black March 05, 2005
33 46
An offensive term for a member of the black race.
Mrs. Jones removed her child from public school when a chocolate drop enrolled.
by Richard Black March 01, 2005
16 29
A nice suckable type black cock.
Takeshia was so hot Tyrone's licorice stick melted in her mouth.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
10 24
One who is deliberately having unprotected anal sex in order to be infected with HIV, particularly if his lover has it. This is done to show true love and devotion in the gay union or to commiserate (share the pain of HIV) with his lover.
Bob was infected with HIV before he met Ray. Ray was so in love with Bob that he wanted to experience everything with his lover, including HIV.
by Richard Black March 03, 2005
108 123
N. for the state of Mississippi.

More than slang, da Sip is the ebonics term for the state of Mississippi, USA, most always spoken by minorities who are too lazy to speak all of the syllables of the correct pronunciation for the word.
"Hey, bro'," (from Chicago visiting his onty in Mississippi), "Didja come down to da Sip to get a white girl? Be careful and remember Emmitt Till! You dun wanna go back in a box!"

Even heard by Ms. Vivian Brown on the WEATHER CHANNEL, who is from Jackson, Mississippi. "There will be moderate to heavy thundershowers over the centarl part of da Sip this morning, near Jackson in particular."
by Richard Black September 14, 2007
14 30