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Usually the last or near the last words in a string just prior to an orgasmic climax.
Oh, yeah, baby, more, faster harder, yeah, oooh, I'm cumming, ahhhhhhhhhhh!
by Richard Black March 23, 2005
The outline or bulge of the male genetial as visualized on one wearing tight blue jeans.
God, man, did you see the package on that cowboy?
by Richard Black February 28, 2005
n. the total amount of sperm ejaculated in one orgasm.
Just as Tyrone arched his back prepatory to cumming, Brie Ann deepthroated his dick causing his seed to be propelled directly into her stomach. After it was all over, she kissed him with no salty aftertaste or cum odor on her breath.
by Richard Black April 28, 2005
A technique of fellatio in which one takes the complete penis shaft into the mouth/throat and buries his/her face into the pubes of the receiver. A delicate procedure which takes practice. Start with shorter lengths and graduate to a massive black cock of 11.5". The release of the semen at this point is enjoyable for both parties and the giver leaves without semen breath.
Kiersten did her homework before she deepthroated Tyrone's foot long member. Tyrone was escatic to have ejaculated in Kiersten's esophagus. They both felt so warm.
by Richard Black March 24, 2005
In Latin a form of birth control, the deliberate withdrawal of the penis from the vagina at the point of orgasm to prevent conception.

The practice predates the invention of condoms and was messy as the female's stomach was sprayed with sperm.
Caesar's sperm was spilled on Cleopatra's belly when he ejected his penis at orgasm.
by Richard Black March 24, 2005
n. Contrasts and differences shown side by side or together.
The juxtaposition of Brie Ann's milky white body with Tyrone's darkest ebony hue while making love shockingly revealed the contrast and ethereal beauty of their interracial rapture.
by Richard Black April 29, 2005
n. a lazy, un-wed, child-bearing woman who in the U.S. who milks government assistance for every penny she can. Created by LBJ in his Great Society plan and perpetuated by subsequent presidents.
Zaquina had five illegitimate children by five different men. She qualified for a hefty stipend, medicaide, and food stamps from the government.

She deprived her children of necessities and was able to buy herself a new Cadillac and a new house. Zaquina was, indeed, a welfare queen.
by Richard Black April 17, 2005
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