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adj. leaning, crooked, or lopsided. Used in the southern United States to describe the position of certain objects.
That lean-to that Bill built on the back of his house is more than out of square, it is antigodlin.
by Richard Black July 10, 2005
In ebonics many blacks have high blood pressure, but in describing it they just say they have the high blood.
Sis. Vanessa got so worked up at church this morning that she went home and got into bed because of the high blood.
by Richard Black March 16, 2005
See dingleberry. A crust of dried human feces stuck on anal hair.
Denny Dimwit scrapped off a few dillberries, rolled them up, and flicked them at his fellow classmates.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
Cum that has little lumps of a clear crystal liquid.
Takeshia nearly strangled on Tyrone's tapioca cum when he unloaded on her tonsils.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
the union of the sperm and the egg to produce a new life after copulation.
Amber and Tyrone had been trying so hard for a baby without success. Amber got the idea of having sex for twenty-eight days in a row with Tyrone. Bingo, there was finally conception, but Amber never found out exactly when her fertile days were. She was so big at graduation, her gown couldn't hide her condition. Tyrone's hard-on went unnoticed under his gown even though he was thinking of what he was going to do to Amber that night after they got their diplomas.
by Richard Black April 12, 2005
Idiom for saw or be in contact. Heard in the Southern United States.
I ran into Sally at the bank today.
by Richard Black April 11, 2005
A southern expression for "Did you eat yet?"
McAllister's Deli has billboard signs with the expression, "Jeet'chet?"
by Richard Black March 28, 2005
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