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195 definitions by Richard Black

In ebonics many blacks have high blood pressure, but in describing it they just say they have the high blood.
Sis. Vanessa got so worked up at church this morning that she went home and got into bed because of the high blood.
by Richard Black March 16, 2005
A fat black girl that is so grossly overweight nobody would date her, much less have sex with her.
La Toya weighed 550 pounds and was totally unfuckable.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
n. Interstate Highway 55 (I-55) as it is called in some parts of the southern United States.
The double nickel follows a route from Chicago to New Orleans.
by Richard Black October 17, 2005
n. a term used widely until the 1970s to describe various women's undergarments such as girdles, bustles, corsets, etc. Girdles and corsets slimmed down the moderately obese lady who could tolerate them. Corsets also gave an hourglass figure to a thin person, such as Scarlett O'hara.
Mrs. Gottrocks went to the foundations department at Neiman Marcus to check out the lastest styles in girdles.
by Richard Black September 30, 2005
v. on a diet; losing weight. A term heard in the deep south.
Have you noticed that Joyce is reducing? She now looks half-way decent in her tiny-weenie polka-dotted bikini.
by Richard Black September 20, 2005
n. A gel found in the pharmacy to ease eruption of baby teeth now used by deep throaters who want to be relieved of gagging on a big piece of meat.
Chris painted his throat with numbing gel so he could deepthroat the largest penises around without gagging.
by Richard Black September 04, 2005
Circular muscle in the anus; can be developed in gay anal sex receivers to clamp down on the penis and give pleasure to the giver, often making them ejaculate, depending on the skill of the receiver.
Peter Goesinya always like to fuck Chuck because Chuck's sphincter muscle had been well trained and was always used at just the right time.
by Richard Black April 12, 2005